Please know that the website is still under construction. Thank you for bearing with me! -KK


The art that I make is like a highly illustrative glimpse into my dreaming and daydreaming state of mind, and primarily consists of small scale, highly detailed drawings executed completely in pen, often blown up to a larger size to be displayed. The subject matter, usually tending towards the surreal and occasionally symmetrical, presents an undulating and ethereal aesthetic which is concrete enough to hold within it a rich amount of detail, ornamentation, and patterning. Often leaving my pieces completely black and white, I try to use color sparingly. If ever I do find it necessary to use colors, I lay them down first, in a limited pallet, before making my drawing on top as a second layer. I want the viewer to feel the full effects of getting lost in the space that I create and the abstract thoughts that I feel as I am making it.

Aside from the more recent and experimental non-subjective art, my portfolio also features a high quantity of depicted forms, which show generalized classical training and a high level of technical rendering skill. Through the use of high contrast and non-erasable mediums such a paints and ink, I hint to the viewer the idea of living and dealing with mistakes that are made and making something new and integrated out of them. Making these mistakes flow seamlessly into the drawing, as if they were always meant to happen, presents an intriguing and entertaining challenge for me, especially if they have to be repeated a second time along an axis of a symmetrical piece of work. The idea is to entice the viewer closer into the image and the world that is created for them in the details.

Thus far, my work has been primarily constrained to smaller sheets of paper, generally starting at 8&x10&, meaning to be displayed as a series. Major inspirations include Albrecht Durer, Shaun Tan, Salvador Dali, Hermann Rorschach, and M. C. Escher among many others. Most of these artists have also been known to work on a very detailed, and small scale. A future goal of mine is to create large compositions that people would approach and feel completely enveloped in, as if they're truly walking around in the designs that they see.